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Biography is a soul-spiritual inquiry.

My role is to accompany you on a present moment journey through past and future.

Your inner question is a doorway, a passageway for transformation.

Together we work reflectively, artistically, intuitively

in a process of self discovery.



We look at your life as a whole from an expanded perspective.

It reflects what you are bringing, where you find yourself at present,

what you are being invited to become.  

It reveals your life's meaning and purpose.



Biography is about experiencing yourself as both subject and object. It asks you to come into dialogue with your own biography in order to reach through to the truth of your being.

It  invites you to discover and engage with the part of you that is aware and eternal.  Biography is about meeting the hidden author of your unique life story. 

It is about re-membering your future.


This is human development.

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