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As human beings we seek to make meaning. It belongs to us existentially. We have an innate sense of purpose that we wish to embody. We integrate themes from our past with our experience in the present so that we move into the future with some sense of ownership. As we learn to read our life story as both subject and object we can find our rightful place in it. We work not only with our literal minds, but with our senses, our feelings, and our intuition. We can reach beyond the confines of our reactive self and our defenses to understand what belongs to us, what we can let go of, and what is asking to be bornWe create not just a coherent story, but a true, just and inspired way forward. How do we come to know the differnce?

ALL PARTS ARE WELCOME. Strife reveals that things in our life, both inside and out, are incongruous. Parts of us may make choices and act in ways that are not desirable or harmonious with the entire system. true to ourselves.  Because all parts are welcome, we can discover the often veiled elements of ourselves and come to the conflicts that live amongst them.  In our counseling process as we befriend, untangle and unburden the various parts of ourselves, we are also building a relationship with our Self.  Rather than acting blindly in unconscious and habitual ways, we move forward to align with the whole truth of our being.  As we begin to experience ourselves connected; as we find calm, curiosity, clarity, compassion, we are also becoming one with our True Self. 
Staying present to what IS allows us to accept the truth of moment so that we can move into the future with full awareness.  Through contemplative and embodied practice we build our faculties of 
awareness. We discover equanimity, our underlying goodness, the many possibilities before us . As we move toward greater awakening, we awaken to all pervasive wisdom available to us  
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